Marketing Success Program

12-Week DIY Practical

Marketing Program

Boost Your Business in Just 3 Months

This program is designed for your business success.

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Week 1:

Setting-up your marketing foundations

Week 2:

Building your customer persona

Week 3:

Defining your unique selling proposition

Week 4:

Building your brand


Week 5:

Winning Marketing Strategies 

Week 6:

Building your Marketing Funnel

Week 7:

Developing your Sales Strategy

Week 8:

Copywriting that converts


Week 9:

Social Media Marketing - Facebook

Week 10:

Social Media Marketing - Instagram

Week 11:

Email Marketing

Week 12: 

Your Guide to SEO & SEM 

Here's what's included in your Marketing Success Program


12-Week Program

Your Program Journey

Set Up: Week 1 - 4

  • Week 1: Setting up your marketing foundations 

- Defining your business goals, mission and vision 

- Conducting a marketing SWOT 

- Conducting a competitor analysis

  • Week 2: Building your customer persona

- Conducting a customer research 

- Conducting surveys and interviews 

- Developing your customer personas 

  • Week 3: Defining your unique selling proposition

- Understanding what makes a unique selling proposition

- Step-by-step guide on creating a USP

- Creating USP Boosters

  • Week 4: Building your brand

- Outlining your brand's key qualities, personality, values

- Developing your brand style guide (Font, colours, etc...)

- Creating your brand board 

Plan: Week 5 - 8

  • Week 5: Developing winning marketing strategies

- Planning your strategy

- Identifying tactics to reach your audience

- Establishing your market methods and channels 

  • Week 6: Building your marketing funnel

  • Week 7: Copywriting that converts

- Using a high-converting marketing funnel

- Building a customer journey from discovery to purchase

- Creating content for each stage of the funnel

- Using the PAS framework

- Improving your content quality

- Social media copywriting


  • Week 8: Developing your sales process

- Developing your sales touchpoints (cadence)

- Perfecting your sales pitch

Plan: Week 9 - 12

  • Week 9: Social media marketing (Facebook)

- Improving your facebook posts 

- Boosting your facebook ads 

- Understanding the latest facebook trends



  • Week 10: Social media marketing (Instagram)

  • Week 11: Guide to successful email marketing

- Improving your instagram posts

- Boosting your instagram ads

- Understanding the latest instagram trends


- Building your email list 

- Creating engaging emails

- Email marketing tips to bost your business


  • Week 12: Your guide to SEO

- Building your SEO strategy

- Using tools to improve your Google ranking

- Using social media to boost SEO



12-Week Program

Marketing Success Program

Marketing Success Program

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