Marketing Success Program

Here's what's included in your Marketing Success Program


12-Week DIY Practical Marketing Program

Boost Your Business

This program is designed for your business success. We teach effective and practical marketing strategies to lady bosses. 


Brand Board

Maintain Your Brand Consistency

You will receive your brand board which will help you reference your branding at any time so you can make sure you’re staying consistent.


1-Month FREE Social Media Campaign

Engage with Your Audience

Receive unique content created specifically for your business on your selected social media platform. 


Social Media Strategy Plan

Clarify Your Social Media Goals

You will receive your social media strategy plan which will guide you in your online activities. 

12-Week DIY Practical

Marketing Program


Week 1:

Building your marketing foundations

Week 2:

Defining your unique selling proposition

Week 3:

Building your customer persona

Week 4:

Building your brand


Week 5:

Winning Marketing Strategies 

Week 6:

Building your Marketing Funnel

Week 7:

Developing your Sales Strategy

Week 8:

Developing your Social Media Plan


Week 9:

Social Media Marketing - Facebook

Week 10:

Social Media Marketing - Instagram

Week 11:

Email Marketing

Week 12: 

Your Guide to SEO & SEM 

1-Month FREE

Social Media Campaign

You will be provided with:

  • 20 posts for your selected* social media platform

  • Unique content specifically designed for your brand 

  • Images and articles carefully chosen for your brand

  • Posts include 1 social video marketing per week

  • Receive your social media calendar 

*Choice options: Facebook or Instagram

Brand Board

You will be provided with:

  • A customised brand board which will help you: 

- See all elements of your brands conveying the attributes, values, and personality at a glance. 

- Maintain your brand consistency on all your platforms 

- Quickly and easily find your colour codes and fonts when designing

Social Media Strategy Plan

You will be provided with:

  • A customised Social Media Strategy Plan which will: 

- Help save you valuable time and effort

- Help you develop a winning content strategy

- Set social media goals, achieve and measure them


12-Week Program

Parici Membership

Parici Membership

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