How to sell without feeling too salesly

Are you just providing value to your audience and just hoping and praying that sales will just happen organically?

Are you one of those entrepreneurs who want to:

  • Sell in a way that feels authentic to you

  • Sell to people who actually need your help

  • Sell without being too pushy and salesly

As a marketing coach, one of the most common fears I see entrepreneurs face is the fear of being salesly and pushy and they end up not selling at all! But selling should not be an unpleasant experience - when done correctly and in an authentic way, it is all about offering a service that the customers need to make a difference in their lives - it should be a process enjoyed by both parties and be a genuine service to your community.

Your objective is not to sell your offer but to to make your prospect’s life easier.

Here are my top tips on selling without being salesy and make selling more enjoyable:

1. Share your passion and vision

As Simon Sinek rightly says “People don’t buy what you do. They buy WHY you do it.” By sharing your passion and vision and the impact you want to make, you 're more likely to inspire and attract your ideal clients towards your brand.

2. Connect with your content

Selling is all about relationships and connection always comes first. When you take time to connect with your prospects and share your own stories that they can connect with, you’re building a rapport with them that helps with the know-like-trust factor.

3. Listen to your audience

Listening is not only very powerful to build a rapport with your prospects but it also helps them see that you’re there to understand their challenges and offer solutions to their problems and not just wanting to sell to them.

4. Address your ideal client’s pain point

It is essential to show your prospects that you understand their main paintpoint and the struggle they are going through. Simply acknowledging a customer’s pain shows you value your customer and their overall satisfaction. When you position your offer based on their painpoints, they will have more reasons to do business with you.

5. Build trust by delivery value

Be genuinely focused on trying to be as helpful as possible. Investing in your prospects is key and delivering great value to them makes it worth their time to follow and listen to you. This will not only make them trust you and see you as an expert but it also gives them a chance to know you better, what's it's like working with you and see what you have to offer them.

6. Mention your offer

People won’t know about your offer until you actually tell them about it. When selling with your content, you should make sure that you are not only educating your prospects but also actually asking them for the sale as well.

7. Have a great sales copy

A great sales copy is all about getting your message across in a way that takes your audience on a journey and connecting with them. People want to work with other people, so make sure you build a relationship with them through your copy.

8. Sell the transformation

It’s easy to fall into the trap of talking about what you’re selling rather than why you’re selling it. People care more about what your service can do for them. Always focus on the why and the results your ideal client will get from working with you

9. Show results

You need to consistently show your followers the value and benefit that your offer provides. Create social proof around yourself and your offers by sharing testimonials, client reviews and stories. This not only help build trust but also show them the transformation and results that are possible for them too.

10. Structure your posting

To help you keep on track with how you are communicating with prospects without feeling too salesly, consider using a content schedule to help you structure your posting to build buzz. For example, you can start off by educating and providing value based on your offer, then addressing the top pain points faced by your audience followed by providing a solution which is your offer and asking for the sale.

Remember that a strong relationship, deep connection and understanding of what your audience wants and needs, will make your brand stand out. Once you take these above mentioned steps to sell, you will feel more confident selling in an authentic way and sales will happen with ease as your prospects will start seeing you as someone who genuinely cares about their needs and concerns.

Next Steps:

Ready for more strategies to sell with ease and map out a game plan to attract your ideal clients and grow your business, book a free marketing strategy call (Valued at $97) with me by clicking here.

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